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This is the fullest most detailed IncareRx Review you will find online from someone that is working the opportunity and is living proof that it flat out works! Absolutely no doubt that would be a great option for those looking to make extra part time income from home ( with great potential of becoming a full time income in just a short time).

This would be a great alternative for a home business opportunity mainly because there is a huge market for this and is extremely easy to do. This company is rapidly expanding in the US and chances are you could be the first one in your area developing the business with hardly any competition! It is fairly inexpensive to start this business and the profit could be huge!

This is a real opportunity that provides real savings to consumers. With time and effort you can produce a steady residual income.

I will be giving you as much information as possible in this exclusive IncareRx Review, including some insider information as well as proof of income. So hope you find it very informative.

IncareRx Review.- About Company/Owner was founded 2 and 1/2 years ago and is owned by Michael Conway. If you google for ” incarerx” or ” incarerx review ” or even ” incarerx scam “, you will find there is a lot of positive comments and shares through the social networks.

There are no complaints reported at the Better Business Bureau and has a rating of A-. has given Incarerx a high trust rating score of 88% and 2192 people has recommended incarerx in google. It also has a 90% score at  ( website reputation ).

You will find a lot more positive feedback and reviews all over the net.

I will have to mention that on my search I did find some negative comments specially over Mr. Conway’s persona. Again you must be careful about what others say online. I found this review on titled “Kind Of Fishy” and you can read it here. This guy doesn’t know anything about the company and decided to post a review from the outside and saying “smells bad”. I could answer to all his negative comments but it’s no worth the time. But will mention a couple:

He says:

” I thought of how I would do it and everything but didn’t buy the cards (you have to buy your own cards to hand out which I thought was weird but nonetheless) because it was the weekend and I didn’t want to tie up money in case of an emergency.  Also, I found out the ‘printing company’ is located in my town.  Very weird, cause my town is 10k people.  When I searched their address it was residential and they don’t have any website aside from the pharmacy one.  How would a tiny, unknown out of your basement printing company land a contract to print these cards for a business partnered with 60k pharmacies?”

The cards are from the highest quality and the prices are very competitive and your discounts are granted and very real. Who cares if they were done on a basement on a 10k town? And if they make some money from it, well good for them! They came out with the idea and the business they deserve it! Besides you get a printable/emailable version of the card you can use so if you don’t want to buy the cards you don’t have to.

The true fact here is that the cards are of the highest quality and that they work at ANY pharmacy chain period.

He Says:

“Earlier today, after doing a whois, I decided to look up the ‘owner’ Michael A. Conway on Google.  When I asked my ‘advisor’ more questions he said I could also contact Michael.  Now, Michael is the CEO or owner of the company.  If they are such a big and legit company, why would I get tech help from the owner and CEO?  That would be like having issues with your computer and calling up the CEO of Dell for tech support.  Didn’t make sense.”

Incarerx is a new company only 21/2 years old! You can’t compare it to DELL?..really? And yes you DO get help from the CEO Michael Conway….nothing wrong with that either. In fact he gives the live trainings every week and you can talk to him personally, call him personally and email him personally. Scammers hide, this CEO isn’t.

He mention bad reviews on and I read every single one of them. Besides the fact that they are old news none can be proven even with all their contact information they give. If everything they said is true Michael Conway would be in jail and he is not…guess is not worth the FBI time.

It is really sad what you can find on the internet and you cannot trust anything even on sites like that are supposed to be legit. I can go there and put a bad comment about you and they will post it for everyone in the world to see? wow, that sucks!

What Is IncareRx ? 

InCareRx is a FREE Pharmacy Program created by a group of medical companies including ( one of their largest custom molded insert manufactures for therapeutic shoes ),, and Due to their close relationship in the pharmaceutical industry, they can negotiate lower prices on behalf of their members!… and best of all membership is FREE!

InCareRx is proud to provide you and your family with a FREE CASH REBATE DRUG CARD!

This is the Drug Discount Card that provides you with CASH REBATES on a broad range of Brand Name prescription drugs. These cash rebates are sent to you personally via an Official Mastercard Cash Card delivered directly to your mailbox! No forms or paperwork – just purchase your prescription drugs at your local pharmacy using this card and receive your discount and any qualifying rebate! No other drug discount card provides this combination of savings and cash: Discounts at point of purchase + cash in your wallet. Incare Rx card has the best overall savings and value of any drug discount card in America.

This card may be used at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, including most major chains like: Walgreens , CVS, Ride Aid, Walmart, Costco, Target, Kroger, K-Mart, Eckerd, Randalls, Safeway, Publix, Winn Dixie, Albertsons…and much more!

The business is about helping people save money with prescription drugs.

Do you know of anyone that would like to save money on their medications? Do you know of anyone that has arthritis or maybe diabetes? Do you know of anyone that has pain in their hands, feet, back ? I don’t know about you but I do know many people that would love to save money on meds and I know they also know a lot more people. The market here is huge, and with the economy the way it is and with prices going up well…so is medication and savings are needed!


IncareRX Review.- Card Benefits And Features


1. It’s Free ! Everyone is eligible for this program. There are no age or income restrictions and  it’s absolutely FREE!

2. Save from 15% up to 90%on all FDA approve drugs and DME ( Durable Medical Equipment )users get up to 90% or more on their meds!

3. The average savings is over 60%! No one beats their prices, you get the most savings. A CVS card saves only 10% while the majority of all the other discount cards out there average anywhere from 30 to 45%. IncareRx Cards are different, and focus on the drugs that matter the most, including but not limited to Pain Management, Cancer, Excluded Drugs such as dermatology and ED, and those often needed Prozac’s and Xanax’s of the world. They put their patients first!

InCareRx HAS THE HIGHEST OVERALL Discounts in the industry, and the lowest fees of ANY Free Prescription Drug Card – this is why they work, and you average 10 scripts per year for each person using the card.

4. This card may be used at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, including most major chains like: Eckerd Pharmacy, Target, Costco, Walmart, Walgreen, CVS, Publix, Randalls, Winn Dixie, Kroger, Albertsons, Savons, Safeway, etc and thousands of independent pharmacies all across the U.S !

5. No need to shop around! You will get the same discount no matter which participating pharmacy you go to. You will save the same going to CVS than going to Walmart for example.

6. Unlike Other Cards, IncareRx do no compete with the Pharmacies ( HIPAA Compliant ), you can leave these at a pharmacy and they will not compete with Mail Order. It is very important to all agents to bring the pharmacies more business with more customers because they all get paid for every prescription they fill when using the cards!

Think of it as a WIN-WIN-WIN situation: First the pharmacy gains customers, second you are saving huge money to those using your cards and third you and the company get paid.

7. They respect their members privacy by not sharing their personal information! Many cards out there, specially the ones you get in the mail, will get your information and share it with other companies so they can sell you and present you offers related to you and maybe even mail order competing with the pharmacy instead of helping them out. IncareRx doesn’t.

8. No Expiration Date! You and your family members can use the card over and over again for as long as you want. Just present it to the pharmacy and they will input it in their system with all your other information.

9. It is NOT an insurance card! It is just a savings card and can not be used in conjunction with your insurance card. You can pick and choose which one will give you the most savings. The one thing I can tell you is that this Free card is in the patient’s best interest, often with Generics even when compared to their $10, $20, and $40 Copays this card can be less than their insurance card. For those patients in the “coverage gap” or “donut hole”, this helps. Numerous drugs are not covered by insurance!

For example, they saved one patient over $1000 on a drug used while they are in Chemotherapy that reduces their nausea so they can keep food down:

”$1199.99 for Ondansetron which reduces vomiting in cancer patients during chemotherapy and by making them aware of our free program, they only had to pay $198.80”

10. These have proven an Awesome lead generator – They have realized substantial increases in DME sales where they have tested this! But it is also used to attract new leads onto other businesses as well. It’s a great way to brand youself in your home town.

11. No Deductible, No Medical Questions, No Paperwork

12. You get paid $1.20 every time your cards are being used! IncareRx has a special agreement with the pharmacies in which they will pay you for bringing them customers, and they prefer us because we don’t compete with them. You will also get 15 cents overrides when you find others that want to do the same and make extra income 2 levels deep. We will explain the comp plan with more detail below.


IncareRx Review.- Who Needs This Cards ? Your Market


People with no medical insurance and the insured taking medications that are not covered by their insurance or with high co-pays. They will love you for this! Any Military will not benefit much from the card because they already get super discounts for serving and protecting our country. Other than them pretty much anyone could use the cards. Here are some interesting statistics:

  • 100 Million People with no Prescription Benefit Program
  • 10 Million People Medicare Age that fall into the “Donut Hole”, or Coverage Gap
  • 40 Million Immigrants without insurance.

These are real numbers and what they really mean to you is that the market is huge!


IncareRx Review.- The Competition


Incarerx is not the only company out there that offers a free discount pharmacy card with an affiliate program.

On my search online I run into one of the biggest companies, which cards have an over all savings average of 64.9%. That is awesome and high and in their site they provide a list of the top 15 generic drugs prices and the savings percentages and a list of other free discount drugs companies and what they average.

So I thought I would compare their prices with IncareRx and see who offers the best discounts. So here is what I found out ( you can verify this info just by going to and search on the drug price and pharmacy locator tab at the top of the page ):

Comparison Chart vs




TAB 5-500MG 30 Day $36.28   $13.67 62% $10.96 70%
HYDROCODONE/ACETAMINOPHEN TAB 10-325MG 30 Day $49.41 $18.17 63% $13.96 72%
ALPRAZOLAM TAB 0.5MG30 Day $38.88 $7.66 80% $6.06 84%
AZITHROMYCIN TAB 250MG6 Day $74.42 $14.96 79% $13.44 82%
TRAMADOL HCL TAB 50MG30 Day $45.03 $10.23 77% $9.28 80%
ALPRAZOLAM TAB2MG30 Day $79.23 $13.85 82% $8.98 88%
ZOLPIDEM TARTRATE TAB 10MG30 Day $164.66 $11.75 92% $7.97 95%
AMOXICILLIN CAP 500MG28 Days $26.39 $9.97 62% $9.55 64%
CLONAZEPAM TAB1MG30 Day $37.72 $10.66 71% $7.07 81%
ALPRAZOLAM TAB1MG30 Day $48.97 $7.66 84% $6.06 87%
PHENTERMINE HCL TAB 37.5MG 30 Day $72.01 $22.37 68% $22.37 68%
CLONAZEPAM TAB 0.5MG30 Day $34.98 $10.66 69% $6.54 81%
CYCLOBENZAPRINE HCL TAB 10MG30 Day $53.68 $12.57 76% $7.77 85%
AMLODIPINE BESYLATE TAB 10MG30 Day $83.63 $12.77 84% $9.50 88%
CARISOPRODOL TAB 350MG 120 Day $406.56 $24.98 93% $24.98 93%

76.1% 81.2%

IncareRx not only provides maximum savings for the consumer but the discounts are the same in all different pharmacy chains and independent locations, so no need to shop around. The card is HIPAA compliant and do not compete with the pharmacies by offering mail order and keeps the users personal information private.

Affiliate Program Commissions

One other company I have found that offers free prescription drug cards and pays commissions per prescription filled is They claim to save you up to 85% and pays you up to $1.75 per prescription filled. They say they pay $1.50 from 1 to 5000 prescriptions per month and $1.75 from 5000 up prescriptions per month.

This is true but their average savings is less than incarerx and pharmacycard. That is how they can pay a bit more to their affiliates, and no all drugs are included. You can go to their website to the drug search tool and compare with our table above and you will see.

IncareRx is about saving the consumer money and help the pharmacies increase and keep their patients. IncareRx pays up to $1.50 per prescription filled.


IncareRx Review.- Making Money With IncareRx


There are 2 ways to make money with IncareRx:

1. The Free Discount Cards, and

2. With DME.- Compare to other pharmacy discount cards affiliate programs this is an extra benefit you can make great money from only available with IncareRx

Making Money With The Free Prescription Discount Cards

Is simple, all you have to do is give a way this free discount cards to anyone you know need them. You get paid $1.20 for each prescription filled using the discount card. Plus if you refer other people that would like to become agents and do the same , you will get 15 cents on each prescription their customers filled out using the card 2 levels deep. This may not sound a lot to you but it could very rapidly add up! IncareRx pays up to $1.50 per card used!

There are great benefits to this business ! First of, Pharmacies will get more clients and more repeated customers. We do not compete with them and don’t offer mail order either. Secondly, people will love you for this because you are saving them big time money and third, you get paid! It’s a win-win-win situation!

Making Money With DME

DME stands for Durable Medical Equipment. You get paid when you prescribe people in need of this equipment to make them feel much better and make their lives a lot easier. Do you know of anyone with Arthritis, Joint Pain, Diabetes? Feet burning at night from Neuropathy? You can help them restore the activities of daily living they have lost, they need this equipment.

Ship just one patient per day on average and you could earn $1000 per week on average!

If you are doing the card business and if you follow the training soon you will be able to get daily leads for DME! It is easier than you think!


IncareRx Review.-  How Much Do You Invest To Start Your IncareRx Business ?


Signing up as an agent is totally free. You will get a card of your own via email that is printable so you can use and save money as well right away. The only investment from your part will be how you pay for the cards which are made exclusive to you with your own details.

Here are your options:

1. Email ready and printable cards.

You will get through email a version of the cards with your own details and id. You can email it to people which is totally free or you can print them. Maybe you can get 6 cards on a page and make a bunch of copies and give them away just like that. This would be your cheapest route not as professional looking specially if you want to brand yourself as a business owner :). Here is an example of my own printable card which you can print right now and use:

printable cardYou get paid by your RxGroup # which is your id and the company gets paid by the RxBin #.

2. Get Professional Looking Cards From IncareRx

These cards are of the highest quality 14 PT UV Coated Glossy Both Sides with Full Color , heavy and professional at very competitive prices and frankly they are reasonable cheap. You order your cards through At the moment of this writing this are the prices:

Prices June 2013

of Cards
















The prices are phenomenal and include shipping delivered within 8 days once approved by you. When I say approve by you means that they are customable to your specifications. You decide how you want it, then approve it and then you get them. Is that simple.

Checked Vista Print for pricing and on a card like this one their cost for 1000 cards is around $60!

3. Print Them Yourself At Your Favorite Printing Place

Maybe you know of a much cheaper place where you can order your cards. That would be your choice just make sure you include your Group number and the Bin number.

By delivering this card to the right people you could very easily make over $100 every month and keep growing month after month…now do you see the income potential here? You just need to focus on giving away this cards as soon as possible to as many people as possible, that’s it ?!


IncareRx Review.- Training And Marketing Tools


If you want to start this business with a bang? No problem, as soon as you become an agent you will get a series of emails with all the materials you need and all the ideas other people are using that are being successful with.

You get step by step instructions on how to develop the business as fast as possible. How to approach, what to say, who to approach etc. You will get email communication every Monday telling you all about the business and when the training calls take place.

There are live conference calls 4 times a week that you could attend and get trained and ask questions!

– Mondays is Thermoskin training ( you learn all about the product )
– Tuesday is all about DME ( you learn about all equipment and how to do the business )
– Wednesday and Thursday are reserved for an All Cards Business with guest Michael Malley. Michael works full time in a construction related field and has been distributing cards PART TIME after work over the last year and will share how he grew to over $1000 per month with about 30% utilization rate – he has now blown way past that doing exactly what he explains on the calls.

If you have questions that cannot wait just call or email, whatever is convenient for you, at any time.

Marketing Tools

Every week you get reports when your cards are being used with great information you can use to better market the cards. It will tell you which pharmacy your cards were used, what drug was purchased, doctors name etc. Plain and simple, revisit the places are using the cards and fill them up with more! This is a great tool and is available to all agents every week. Let me show you on a quick video:


IncareRx Review.- Proof Of Income


This is my favorite part. To show you proof that IncareRx pays! Video proof is probably the best way to show you and especially seeing me holding the check ( much better than just words ). I will show you mine first and then I have Roger Carmichael, friend of mine that I have introduced to this opportunity a couple months ago after he lost his business due to the economy. He is starting to see the results now and told me of his last check. So I ask him to make a video to show you guys, This Is Real! ( not too good making vids but here I go..:).


IncareRx Review.- Conclusion


There was a lot covered in this review with graphics and video and hope was enough information for you to make a decision about IncareRx. In my eyes it is a true legitimate home business opportunity I am living proof of it. You won’t get rich overnight but it sure has the potential to earn you full time income in a short period of time. It is really up to you on how much money you can make with IncareRx. It is easy, simple, very affordable any one can do right now. Doing the business or not you will for sure have the card that provides you the most savings period and it is free !

If you just want to print a free IncareRx prescription discount card and start saving right now, just click on the ” Get It Now ” button below. Print it now and take it to your favorite pharmacy. Present it to your pharmacist and ask to be put it in their system with all your other info. You can compare with the price of your insurance and pick the one that saves you the most! Print Now.


Print Your Free Card Here!


Are you ready to finally take control over your own life?


Start Saving yourself ! Start Saving Other People With Their Prescriptions! Start Making Money This Month!

Become an agent now!

Please fill out the form below, and I will be contacting you a.s.a.p. to clear up any questions you may have and will go from there.

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We are here to help you succeed all the way,


Roger Carmichael

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