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Jobs To Work From Home

Johnny Chaname Site Owner

I have created jobs to work from home with the goal of helping people interested in knowing how to earn an income from the comfort of their home with no sponsoring and little investment.

I believe that by choosing the right home business opportunity from the beginning will save you time and money.

Type Of Jobs To Work From Home

When looking for a work at home job or a home business opportunity, you are going to run into mainly 2 types of jobs: virtual assistant jobs and internet marketing.

A virtual job is what you do when you are hired by a certain company to do an specific task from home. Positions available in this category are known as virtual assistance. For example, when people call for a repair on their home, or to book a reservation, etc, the person providing assistance to these people could very easily be you or anyone working at home like you will see on the video below.

As seen on TV, these are real people making money from home as virtual assistants:



On the other hand, Internet Marketing has become a very popular job to do from home and is growing very fast. It is basically based on sales. Becoming a sales representative or distributor for a company could potentially make you a lot more money. You make commissions per sales anywhere from 10% to 50% and in some instances even 100% commissions.

From the two, I personally prefer internet marketing because it has the potential of making you way more money in less time. Depending upon the effort you put in, there is practically no limit on how much money you can make.

Times have changed, Internet Marketing has evolved and is practically a career nowadays. There is a lot to learn and master and you have to have discipline, the right set of mind and a huge desire for success.

I will share ideas on choosing the right home business, saving you time and money and achieve your goals as fast as possible. But I have to warn you…making a living online ” won’t happened overnight! “. It takes time and some work, consistency, dedication and a lot of patience.

Can you make an extra $100 to $300 a month with jobs to work from home in just a few months?Absolutely! But only if you choose the right business opportunity and learn how to do it right from the beginning. That is exactly what I would like you to learn.

You are about to know everything I have learned in my 8 years as an internet marketer that has allowed me to belong to the elite 2% of people that make money online :). Am not a guru and am not a millionaire but I am earning passive income from home.

From my experience I found out that there are 3 very important aspects or ” know how’s ” you must learn and master in order to have a successful online home business. These are: Job Selection, Advertising and Building Relations. They are all equally important.


Jobs To Work From Home.- Job Selection


There are literally thousands of jobs to work from home opportunities and hundreds of them launching every single day. Unfortunately for all of us, not all of them are honest and all they want is “catch you” with false promises, take your money and run.

So I will share with you step by step my own personal job selection criteria I use every time I run into something interesting before I jump in blindly ( which was something I use to do when I first started :( ). I will tell you exactly what I have learned to do to identify potential scams. Again, these are my ideas I believe anyone should do as a precaution. Others may have other ideas that are also good.

So basically what you should do is to create your own procedure. Search what others say and compare and develop your own rules of job selection.

I have created a page called ” Job Listings ” where I present you with jobs to work from home that follow my selection criteria and that have been tested and proven to work AND are 100% scam free. I give you full reviews, full on details, behind the scenes details and video proof. You won’t find reviews like these anywhere else to tell you the truth. I am able to them like that because I have tested them and have personal prove that they work and I am simply not afraid to show you absolutely everything before you even join.


Jobs To Work From Home.- Advertising


The second most important aspect to develop a successful home business after job selection is advertising.

Once you select a particular job to work from home, advertising is what you are going to be doing full on 90% of the time to develop and grow your business. Here is where 98% of people trying to make a living online fail. People simply find that is not as easy as they thought ( or were promise to ), they get discouraged and simply quit never making one dime.

There are many different techniques and strategies you must learn and master. Some are old ways that don’t work anymore, some others are still old but do work and new ones coming out all the time. Something you must know is that marketing evolves with technology so new ways to get traffic to your offers will soon be available and you must be ready to understand the concepts and take advantage of them.

So I will advise you on ” how to advertise “, ” what to advertise ” and ” where to advertise “. I will provide you with the same advertising resources and marketing tools I use to make things happen everyday.


Jobs To Work From Home.- Building Relationships


There is one more very important aspect of developing a long lasting home business and that is the relationship between you and your clients/customers better known in the internet marketing world as your contact list. I will share ideas on how to build a long lasting relationship with your list that will assure your success for years to come. Believe me, it doesn’t matter if you have a big list of 200K people if none of them will listen to you and open any of your emails. You must develop trust with your list.


By learning how to select a job, how to advertise and how to build relationships, there is no doubt in my mind you will be successful and achieve your goals a lot faster than I ever did. Why? Because you will have the advantage on knowing what to do from the start.

So let’s get started!

In order to help you navigate and find information easily go to the ” about ” page where I explain the lay out of the site in detail.

I really hope the information you find here helps you in a big way develop and grow your new business faster, soon you will realize that making money online is not really that difficult.

Good luck and welcome once more to Jobs To Work From Home,

Best Regards,

Johnny Chaname